I’ve spent my entire career covered in paint and wonder. 

For years, my art was licensed and distributed nationally to spread cheer and amplify joy. Since then, my work has taken on new life as public art in the form of murals and through a series in my fine art studio. Each new piece, installation, and collection has been in perfect harmony; the work has always been about the power and insight of joy. 

In that way, I’m a lot like my art. I believe in—and cultivate a perspective of—sparkling, bubbling, unyielding joy. I believe in the powerful vision of creativity, and I believe that vision should be illuminating and kinetic and thoughtful and indelibly wrapped in goodness. I like art that has a pulse to it. In my newest work, I’m letting all things flow: the brushwork; the speed; the energy. I go for what’s juicy and drippy and messy and alive. And, so much the way I can feel life in myself—neon and pulsing and bright—I see it in this. It is wonderful and cheerful and radiating off its canvas. Also, there are times in painting, I try to slow down and calm the world that feels uncertain and frightening.

When people engage with my art, I want them to feel alive, too. I want them to feel the possibilities of what’s to come. Through the cheer of color, the wonder of swirling abstractions and great, melodic, sweeping brush strokes, I hope that people feel the effervescence of positivity or contemplative peace. That, to me, is the power of wonder: to be in a dance with something bigger than yourself, and something positive and bright. 

The full collection of my art features a medley of dance partners in this sense. My work focuses on celebrations and their unyielding joy, the divine and how it catches us in small moments and also finds us sitting at its feet in our largest moments, and the leaders who’ve defined our country and cultural heritage. The landscapes that feel divine in simplicity. In each case, I approach my larger-than-life subjects with an additive spirit and brushstroke. Just the same as the subjects of the art, I want my impact to only ever be joyous and fortifying adding more to its landscape, community, and those it touches. 

Through the work itself and in the way it engages the community — in beautified public spaces, all-seasons decor, original fine art, open studio showings, and animated films — I hope to keep my wonder alive and available to everyone. I want to paint a path into radiant new perspectives. I hope it feels juicy and kinetic and pushes each of us into a state of increased joy. 

It has for me. 

I can’t wait to go to bed each night so I can wake up and paint.