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“My goal is to help honor and promote the artistic talents of young artistic students of my community, to help build future careers and a creative workforce by sharing with them an experience of higher level education, and cultivate a lifelong passion for the arts.” Lisa Frost Since 2005, “Frost & Friends” has granted 83 scholarships to young artists. Here is the background story... Lisa Frost began her career as a certified art teacher. Never forgetting her roots, she is committed to supporting children in the arts. Through the proceeds generated from the annual Frost & Friends event 2005-2015, and sale of a holiday ornament/cookie 2016, she has been the catalyst to grant scholarships to students to attend the “Summer in the Arts” a weeklong residential immersion camp at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. Each spring she solicits regional art teachers (Rockford, IL) asking for nominations of talented and passionate students who need and deserve art experiences. Then she gathers together her committee and they select students based on merit. Written nominations and visual presentations from area art teachers or high school counselors are welcomed in the month of March. Decisions are made in late April. Please send to: For more information about the scholarships, please click on this link below: FFScholarshipsflyerpg1 Past Recipients

2016 83.Ashley Martinez- Jefferson High School 82.Ally Schilling- Rockford Christian

2015 81. Megan Peterson- Boylan High School 80. Madeline Walker- Rockford Christian 79. Britania Moreno- Jefferson High School

2014 78. Jose Avila- Jefferson High School 77. Kaitlin Adotta- Jefferson High School 76. Gretchen Stark- Guilford 75. Kathryn Simpson-Guilford 74. Alexander Hill- Boylan 73. Elaina Weickert-Boylan

2013 72. Alicia Porter- East 71. Jessica Doering- East 70. Marisol Paredes- Boylan 69. Magdalena Ricotta- Boylan 68. Ben Satterlee- Boylan 67. Shannon Hallstein- Guilford 66. Sharla Benson- Guilford 65. Damien Domyslawski- Guilford 64. Demetrius Markham- Jefferson 63. Seth Rodriguez- Jefferson 62. Maggie Palcan- Jefferson 61. Lina Mauries- Jefferson 60. Danielle Gross- Jefferson 59. Damien Helser- Jefferson 58. Thomas Helser- Jefferson

2012 57. Darya Chevero 56. Veronica Ciastko 55. Anna Girgenti- Boylan 54. Jennifer Peters-Boylan 53. Derek Droessler- Boylan 52. Paul Boguszewski 51. Monica Skzypczak- Boylan 50. Erika Geraldino- Guilford 49. Haran Lopez- Guilford 48. Sky Cox-Guilford 47. Katie Draves- Winnebago 46. Jesenia Perez 45. Dalton Thompkins

2011 44. Elizabeth Horvath- Guilford 43. Xochiti Perez- Guilford 42. Lamarcus Harvey- East 41. Emily Wang- Auburn 40. Brittany Arnold- Belvidere 39. Abigail Lafranca- Jefferson 38. Almira Karajic- Auburn 37. Samatha Bretl- Boylan 36. Dianna Lamb- East 35. Clay Janicke- Jefferson

2010 34. Katherine Soltys 33. Rodrigo Dominguez-Jefferson 32. Paige Fisher 31. Mariah Harris 30. Miel Rodriguez 29. Randi Degg 28. Threassance Imudia- Jefferson 27. Samantha Velna 26. Morgan Haschke 25. Jeannette Luttrell- Auburn

2009 24. Shauna Ubersox 23. Evan Jarzynski- Jefferson 22. Tierney Jhnson 21. Alexandra Borowski 20. Amy Kuhn 19. Melissa Centeno 18. Amanda Lamarca- Winnebago High School 17. Lauren Combs 16. Rachel Fox 15. Patrick Outlow

2008 14. Lauren Delaney 13. Erika Carroll 12. Marissa Giannangeli- Auburn 11. Evan Jarzynski- Jefferson 10. Arnold Syphommarath- Jefferson 9. Juduth Rinehart 8. Danielle Jordan

2007 7. Caroline Kiefer-Jefferson 6. Courtney McManus- Jefferson 5. Allyson Miller- Jefferson 4. Ashley Coletti- Boylan

2006 3. Amber Hillhouse 2. Jillian Torre- Auburn

2005 1. Jordan Loos- Jefferson