Let's dress the front door for Flag Day!

Lisa Frost
I love my country!  This Thursday, June 14th is Flag Day. I feel it is a "must" to proudly hang your flag on this day. In fact, Betsy Ross wants us too. So, let's waste no time and dress up the front door! You can make your entrance look very festive and patriotic in two easy steps.   Step 1. Hang your Frosty Flag on your door. My friend Anita said, "My Frosty Flag (have had it for at least five years) hangs on my front door from Memorial Weekend all through the summer!" No Hook? No worries.  3-m makes a stylish hook that can be easily removed. The hook can be purchased at Target. Step 2. Puchase a variety of sized flags (small, medium, large) and place them in your front porch planters, urns and hanging baskets. My neighbor followed these simple steps and look at how great it looks...I LOVE it!!! Happy Flag Day! xox lisA