April 26, 2014 • 0 response

10290637_10152471447159101_3575306040603451637_n Growing up, I lived close to a grocery store. I remember clearly, the store had a neat little floral shop attached to it. I remember Mother's Day preparation included a trip on my banana seat bike to that store to purchase some special flowers for my Mom. I took what little money I had, mostly coins. I remember I purchased a lot of Carnations. But occasionally I would buy an African Violet or a big sweet-smelly Lily. I rode that bike home ,clenching to those flowers hoping not to drop them, and scanning the area to look for other "free" filler flowers and grasses to add to my bouquet. I didn't have much. But I was bound and determined to put all I had into what I could for Mom. Mom always loved those flowers. Mother's Day is coming again this year and I can't wait to spend it with my Mom. I had fun thinking about those flower trips and what they meant to me as I painted flowers throughout the winter months. I think many of us share memories of planting, gardening, picking, loving flowers with Mom. I believe for most of us, she is our grandest flower in the garden of our lives. This year, why not give Mom something she can hang with all summer? A freshly picked painted flower banner and a bouquet arrangement created by you. My new banner is in stock at Wonderland and on my website.