Flowers for Her...From Start to Finish

Lisa Frost
IMG_7832Pieces of a Birch Tree keep appearing near my front door.My friend, Renee told me that Birch wood is a Native American symbol of "new beginnings".photo-140I felt compelled to use the Birch wood that came to my door. I cut out heart shapes and attached them to the backside of the Birch wood panels that I have been painting for an upcoming art show. To me, the birch symbolizes joy, kindness and love and it feels like a little gift from Mother Nature. photo 2-1I am forever an optimist. The paintings on the Birch wood panels started on the darkest, coldest days of winter when I hoped that Spring would come sooner. I started painting in early January. photo-141I strove to paint playful color and dashes of modern day patterns contrasting the personality of each flower arrangement.995280_10152242068014101_2017811931_n-1I painted 18 individual pieces and utilized fluid acrylics and watercolors in places.1512359_10152263660609101_1510432468_nI have also included a butterfly in each piece. The butterfly is there to remind you of your wonder!574588_10152272414989101_1688343156_nI believe each one of us has the power (much like a flower) to light up the world.1798611_10152292461929101_987913347_nWe are all equipped to spread happiness, light, color and goodness throughout the exhibit is dedicated to the grandest flower in my I am so pleased with the way they turned out. I feel like the entire body of work needs to belong to a Women's center of some sort. I feel like they are beautiful as individual works but as a group so much more powerful. I intend to find the perfect home for them...because they are meant to offer new beginnings. There is a higher calling to everything we do. Namaste. IMG_7837