Frosty the Sock MAN!!!

Lisa Frost
Once upon a time, there was a snowman named Frosty. He had such a magical spirit and warm heart. He was simply tired of being cold. So he sought out his name sake...the artist lisA fRosT and the doll maker...Socks-that-Rock inc. and he asked them to make him warmer.  And if they did, he would make the dreams come true for all those who believed in him. LOVE is the greatest gift of all. xox lisA Here is the tag that comes with Frosty the Sock Doll... Here is the original sketch created by yours truly. Here are the socks designed by me and manufactured by the same company used by the NFL (had to make sure sturdy, strong and warm). This is Joelene, the owner of Socks-that-Rock inc. She is the doll maker who made him come to life. She has been a joy to work with!