Memorial Day Painting

Lisa Frost
Happy Memorial Day!  I love my country. Grills are fired up, flags are waving, pools are splashing...but aside from all the celebration it is also an important day to remember...and honor. Today I give thanks for all those who have fought for the freedom that I have. As a tribute, I painted a canvas. A big one! I gathered up the " Memorial Day" newspapers.  I adhered the papers to a large canvas.  Aside from the mattress sale ads...the newspapers showcased stories of sacrifice and honor.  I thought that to be an important layer of the piece. I painted the stripes... And the my own style. I wanted the newspapers and the words to show through the paint. I added patriotic words in the red stripes.  Words on words. I truly thought about the true meaning of the holiday as I painted. I wanted all my energy to flow into the piece... When I finished, I put it in my garden. I feel it makes a statement.  It says to me "Memorial".  It is my tribute. Enjoy the holiday! xox lisA