Shine on Hope

Lisa Frost
IMG_6457 Dear Hope, Thank you for being that light shining from within that never let's me give up. Love, me IMG_6458 I created this piece of hope...for the country of Haiti. For clean water, safe shelter, beds to sleep, shoes to walk, safe food to eat, and books to read. My friend Rachel, and her family and friends started an organization called Hope for Haitians. They build better lives for the Haitians. Prior to learning this, the only thing I knew about Haiti were bits of information that I received from the media. But Rachel went to Haiti for the first time this past spring...and she texted me photos. She saw first hand the devastation of poverty. Rachel said she was worried that she would visit Haiti and return totally depressed. But she did not. She said, instead she was filled with HOPE. Hope in knowing that everything she did for the people of Haiti mattered. Look what Rachel and her friends have done! • Clean water sources for more than 270,000 people • 350 homes for families formerly living in a swamp • Tilapia ponds for a sustainable source of nutritious protein • Livestock program as an income and food source • Re-forestation projects I felt all of this HOPE in my heart while painting this piece to be auctioned at their banquet tonight.