Back to School Clip Boards

Lisa Frost
Need help keeping the kids on track with all their responsibilities for the upcoming school year? Need help keeping yourself sane and things running smoothly around the house...hahaha? Here is a nifty idea. Make a custom clip board  for each child. Create a list of jobs on an 8.5 x11" sheet of paper. Clip it to your board. Cover the clip board with clear contact paper. Attach a magnetic dry erase marker with a magnet. ( I hot glued it.) The child will use the marker to check off their list as they complete each task. Mom or Dad, then will check off and sign-off at the bottom of the chart at tuck-in time. At the end of the week offer a treat/reward. Keep the clip board in a handy spot, tie it to the desk or bedroom door. Good Luck! xox lisA

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