Bike Lane

Lisa Frost
My favorite gift last birthday was a bright blue Electra Bicycle. I mean, I have always liked helps  accentuate my carefree spirit. I like to ride with friends and family.  It is good old fashioned fresh-air fun. I even put a basket and a bell on the bike...which can be a little annoying from time to time. But what I have come to realize is that as gas prices continue to rise...biking is a growing mode of transportation.  Bike lanes are going in everywhere!  Including my own city.  It is a revolution. So in my quest to  promote this revolution...I have designed a fabric.  I painted a picture of my own bike. I had it made into a piece of Kona cotton fabric. I made it in two styles...Large bike and small. And my friend Peggy Giannageli worked with me on design and did ALL the sewing. We made a wrap-skirt and a fitted skirt with pockets.  Once I throw on a pair of bike shorts for underneath, it is very easy to ride the bike.  OR if biking in the skirt doesn't appeal to you,  it makes for a great piece to wear to a city council meeting discussing bike lanes.  Or how about a lunch date? A picnic? Ahhhhh... Want to go for a bike ride? Let's do it! xox lisA

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