Breakfast of Voters...

Lisa Frost
In a hurry this morning because you are headed out to the Polling Place? Do you need a fast and healthy breakfast? Well, here is a magically delicious idea. Irish Oatmeal ala Frosty! (Mc Cann's steel cut Irish Oatmeal is my "fave"...LOVE it!) 1. Make it cute and Americana...put it in a Mason jar! 2. Layer the bottom of the jar with a few freshly cut strawberries. 3. Mix and cook-up some water/milk and oats follow the directions on the can. 4. In a small saucepan place rinsed blackberries and blueberries and slightly mash along with 1/4 of sugar, cook on medium for a few minutes 5. Layer the oats atop the strawberries 6. Top with with the berries and juice 7. Add some milk and finish it off with a dollup of Greek Yogurt YUM!!! Now your head is clear, your mind is sharp, and your tummy is full. Go get 'em! xox lisA

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