Derby Day

Lisa Frost
Break out of the gate and join in the fun of the fastest sporting event in history...The Kentucky Derby.  It takes place today in Louisville, KY. Someday I want to be there, in the stands, part of the excitement. Until then I will partake in some of the traditions so that I am full-on ready for my visit. I started out my quest in Derby Day fun by making Mint Juleps, showcasing my equestrian decor, and creating a ladylike hat...and of course reading up on all the horses, trainers and owners. I placed my bet.  I am looking forward to the race. Enjoy! xox lisA   I didn't have the Mint Julep glassware so I made my own by brushing on silver paint to mason jars.  This is how I made the drink: 1 c sugar 1c water 1c chopped mint ice 1 shot of bourbon 2 tsp lime juice sprig of mint Boil first 3 ingredients on stove until sugar is dissolved. Strain syrup and discard mint. Chill in fridge. Fill glass with ice...pour 1/4 c of mint syrup, shot of bourbon, lime juice and stir, top w garnish.

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