Lisa Frost
Did you know you can put "itarian" after any word and make it a movement or somewhat official? At any rate, I recently referred to myself at a "Dreamitarian". I did it upon reflection. At the end of the day, I really do believe in dreams, both yours and mine...and having the power to make them come true. At times, I still feel like I am getting to know myself. But the older I get, the more I understand what I can do...and when I need some help. But I believe in possibility, opportunity, you were sent-to-me-for-a-reason kind of things. And I believe in chasing those dreams both big and small. Like Mom said, "If you don't try, you'll never know, (even if you land flat, on your face)". Just takes a little courage. All I know is I want to appreciate all of life's good, stay grounded in the important stuff that matters, and at the end of the day "matter". I know this for sure, that if you work hard, learn, and achieve results you can reach your goals. I want to embrace capacity for creativity, playfulness and leadership. I want to keep setting goals. I believe that my passion for life and love will reach others. I don't want to shy away from it, listen to the nay-sayers, push it off for another day, wait until I have more time, money, energy. I want to lift the sails now! Just last week, Jennifer inspired me: "Being a stay at home momma, I tend to forget there is a creative side to me, and at one time, in my distant past, I WAS creative, and fun, and not just a mom. I used to be vibrant and bright. I actually danced most of my life and was a dance teacher in the first few years of marriage. So I decided this is the year I wanted to make some changes. I didn't want to be defined ONLY by marriage and motherhood, I wanted to re-define Me. It is slow going, but I started working with Thirty-One gifts as an independent consultant, so I can make a little money to take art classes, or go on mini trips (without kids or hubby) and go draw and paint or do whatever my heart tells me to. For me, you inspired change. Maybe "change" isn't the best word. Evolve. You helped inspire my evolution. Yes, that is it. SO now instead of sitting back and letting opportunities pass, I run up and tell people how great I think they are, and I write in my journals, and I sketch, and I stitch, when possible. The artwork and writing may not be the BEST, but at least they are "Me". and little by little I am finding "me" again." Jennifer Raymond Jennifer's message is spot-on...this is "your" life, do things you love, find your bliss, remember "you"...and your happiness will spread to every other area of your life. So let's all get out there, find our courage, and do something we never thought we could do. Just believe...that's the first step:) xox lisA

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