Easter Pizza...a Frost Tradition

Lisa Frost
Easter would not be the same around here without this Italian treat, from Naples-Italy, we call "Easter Pizza". It is made with pizza dough and Italian meats and cheeses. It is very easy to make and it is something everyone looks forward to once a year. Traditionally, we make it on Good Friday...and slice-it-up and start eating it on Saturday and of course on Easter Sunday! Here is what you need: Broiler Pan...or another deep pan . 2 pizza dough crusts ( I buy the kind in the can.) 1/2 c Romano Cheese 4 lbs Ricotta cheese (Drain overnight . Put in fridge, in colander, with a pie plate underneath to catch the drippings.) 11 eggs 3/4 lb Capricola, 3/4 lb Genoa Salami, 3/4 lb Pepperoni 1 bunch of parsley Directions: Spray Pan If you have some in your pantry...take a little bit of cornmeal and sprinkle it on the bottom of the pan. Stretch out 1 can of pizza dough as far as you can go over the pan. In a big bowl mix eggs ricotta, parsley and add Romano cheese. Layer the meat inside of the pan...1 layer of Capricola, 1 later of Salami, 1 layer of Pepperoni Spoon Ricotta mixture over the meat Repeat layers...meat, ricotta mixture Stretch second pizza dough on top make it bigger than the pan and pinch it together on the edges like a pie crust Poke a hole in the middle top ...put a single piece of mostaccioli standing straight-up ( My MIL says it will help it cook in the middle.) Bake at 350, uncovered  1 hour After baking tilt it over the sink and allow some of the liquid moisture to drain out (Helpful to have two people do this). Let it completely cool before cutting it. Cut into squares. Refrigerate. I love it cold!     Cutting Parsley is easier if you put it in a coffee mug and snip-it-up! Layering meats and cheeses...just like a traditional pizza but it a different, mix-it-up kind of way. I love the way it looks when it is cut. You know me, I love pattern...EASTER PIZZA STRIPES! I dressed it up by serving it on my newly designed dishes. It is DELICIOUS...Happy Easter! xox lisA

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