Frosted Window Panes

Lisa Frost
This is is where I have my "little studio". It is located in Rockford, IL in the lovely Edgebrook Mall. Wonderland just happens to be stocked FULL of books and toys and everything FROSTY (my products) for the season. It is the most charming and magical locally owned bookstore in the LAND! They also have beautiful and hard to find TOYS. It is a full- service shop (and they have the cutest gift wrap). So at any rate, this holiday, I wanted to extend the magic of the store by painting the windows for the holiday season. I was contacted by the Edgebrook Mall on this project. My inspiration came from these two little girls...whom I LOVE very much! (Their Mommy owns Wonderland...and have become iconic personalities of the entire Wonderland experience.) I called in my creative team of art interns to help with the project, Allyson and Sara. I love them very much too! And the painting began.  We painted on the inside of the windows to protect the design from the weather.  We use craft acrylics. (At the end of the life-span of this project we will spray the windows with water and scrap the paint off with a flat scrapper.Then clean the windows throughly.  I have tested this at home.whew!) We had to paint in reverse...but thankfully we are used to doing this. We had FUN painting and swirling and snow-flaking everything in sight. This is my personification of the two little girls...and their Mommy. This is their magical book store.  I hope the painting draws more people into the store to shop local and support local business...and spread CHEER throughout the LAND!!! Happy Day! xox lisA

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