In the Lab of Color...a visit to Colorlab

Lisa Frost
The other day, I had an appointment to review my new lip gloss at Colorlab Cosmetics in Rockford, Illinois.  (YES, I have a new lip gloss coming soon, but more about that later.) At any rate, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring my art interns along for the ride.   Colorlab cosmetics is the innovator and manufacturer of custom blend make-up.  They have received many prestigious awards and have even created patents:  
"Best of Show" winner in the Best New Products competition, Extracts show, NYC. Product Innovation Finalist, Packaging Finalist, ICMAD City Awards. "Best of Chicago" Chicago Magazine. UPS' Best 'Out-of the box' Contest. ICIC 'Top 100 Companies' 2005-2008 INC 5000 U.S. patents 5,971,351 and 6,402,120 and7,172,716. Additional U.S. and foreign patents pending.
Recently their in-house studio hosted MTV and the show "Made".  But they are no stranger to big time celebrities.  They created the lipstick for the Paul McCartney fundraiser, "Red it Be". They stuff celebrity grab-bags.  Colorlab has had presence in fashion week. They are everywhere!  And how? I asked Mary Swabb, the head honcho of Colorlab.  She told us she worked in the make up industry for years and so many times a color would be discontinued, a product no longer available.  Errrrrrr, she said.  So she slept on it, dreamt about it and made her own. (I love that!)  She figured out a way, through art and science, to make custom blended make-up. She told the girls to follow your dreams. After our meeting, Mary graciously offered  the girls the opportunity to see how a tube of lipstick is made. Mixing colors for make-up is much like mixing paint on a palette for a painting...well, in fact it is but just with natural materials. Our lipstick is born.  They named it "AASK" for Annabel, Allison, Sara and Kelsey.  I hope our visit to Colorlab will stay in the girls memory bank forever.  It was truly inspirational. Look for Colorlab Cosmetics at Frost & Friends 2012! xox lisA

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