Jelly Bean Tabletop Centerpiece

Lisa Frost
WOW your family and friends with this EASY DIY Centerpiece! Here is what you will need: 1. Tall glass cylinder 2. Branch, spray painted white 3. Internal poster-board cylinder. I created it by eyeballing the size I would need! I rolled up a piece of poster board and measured the diameter I would need by placing it inside of the glass (that's what I call "eyeballing"). I noted the space needed for the jelly beans to fill in around it! Marked the size with a pencil. 4. Plugged in my GG...(hot glue gun). Glued the poster board into a cylinder and stuffed the cylinder with florist foam, added the tree branch and stuffed it with newspaper. 5. Set the paper cylinder inside of the glass. 6. Separated the jelly beans by color... 7. Arranged them by color... 8. Layered them inside... 9. Ta-da!!!! Happy Easter... xox lisA

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