Kevin Frost for City Council

Lisa Frost
Today is the Primary Election for officials in my city, Rockford, Illinois. If you are a Rockfordian, I hope you will head-out to the polls and exercise your right to vote. I have such an appreciation (more than ever) for the belief that "every vote counts". This election historically has come down to one person, one vote, making the difference. My husband, Kevin Frost has entered his first ever political race.   He is running for Alderman. I believe this is his time to be the change we need to see in our neighborhoods and our city. He is really going to make things happen and make us PROUD. And just when you think you have lost faith in the government...someone like Kevin Frost throws his hat into the ring. He is a man of integrity. He has amazing leadership skills and stands up for what he believes in. He is someone you can trust.  Kevin is valued by so many for his sound reasoning and critical thinking skills. He is trained to ask the hard questions. He fights for justice. Our phone rings constantly from family and friends seeking advice. He is a constant learner. He reads everyday.  He listens to people. I mean, really listens. He has relationships with so many diverse people and community leaders and is able to make connections. I always say, "Kevin, you have a mind like a steel trap".  He never forgets a name, a connection, the details...and he uses that information to help others. He is loved and admired by many. He has a great business background too. Personally, he has helped me with my business. I am an artist, yes, but also a business owner. He has taught me accounting ...and budgets ...and planning. He is a great sounding board for a new product or a marketing idea. We study profit margins. He always cares about quality and customer service. He is conservative and has encouraged me to reinvest my earnings until I have sound footing and helps me save. He is a hard worker. He comes from a hard working family. He encourages our daughters to work hard in school and in sports. He wants the BEST for all of us. He will be a HUGE asset to community government. He is the BEST for this job. I hope he wins. All 4th Warders...VOTE for Kevin Frost today! Good Luck Kevin. xox lisA

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