Let's Play...Fringe & Frost

Lisa Frost
I am a playful gal. And I can't help but feel playful in this top of tribal pattern and fringed arms. It reminds me of a suede vest I wore in the third grade. Wearing this top got me thinking about "play". When is the last time you made time for play? Play is important...even for adults. I wholeheartedly recommend doing activities just for fun to reduce stress and make yourself happy. Here are some ideas that you can do alone or even better with someone you LOVE: 1. Put an Etch-a-Sketch on your desk at work and draw! 2. Dance while making breakfast 3. Hug a tree 4. Blow bubbles into the sunlight 5. Fly a kite ( Ooooo, I'm going to do this tomorrow!) 6. Chew pink bubble gum and blow BIG bubbles...you know, the kind that smack you in the face. 7. Run the bases of a baseball diamond...believing your scoring the winning home run Okay, you're thinking, "This is silly"...perhaps? But you are guaranteed to laugh, smile...and feel FREE. That is the fringe benefit...and for that kind of return, it's certainly worth it. Have a great day! xox lisA Fringe Top from Saks Red Pencil skirt from Talbots Tights from Target Shoes from UGG Purse and Necklace from my closet

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