Moms Favorite Gift...a "HAND" Painted Pot

Lisa Frost
  Mom's day is coming! I LOVE this holiday (being that I am a proud Mommy to two beautiful daughters)! And having stated that...I LOVE LOVE LOVE handmade gifts. Here is an EASY project that YOU can do with the kiddos (DADS, I am talking to you). Okay, I know it is last minute...but that's how you roll DAD! Ready? Set? Let's Go! 1. Shop for a terra cotta pot.  I picked up a 15" tall by 18" diameter HUGE pot for $19.99. 2. Run to your "fave" garden store and pick up a bag of potting soil, and a live plant OR flowers.  (I picked up this cute evergreen shrub because when I think about love it is "ageless and ever evergreen"...(thanks Barbara Streisand)! 3. Next, go to the craft store...Buy the following materials: Deco ART Patio paint in an assortment of colors.  I used white for the base, red, green, blue, yellow. Sponge #4 Round paint brush Black permanent Marker Tulle Ribbon-RED. 6" x 24 yards 4. Once home...gather up old newspaper, paper towels, paper plates, bucket of water, and paint shirts! 5. Spread out newspaper in your work area.  Paint the pot white on the outside and inside lip.  Let DRY. 6.Next talk to the kids about the design.  Tell them you are going to paint flowers on the pot and the flower will be their hand-print! Ooooo! Practice the placement of the handprint.  Will they just print one?  Will it be upright? Clustered?  There is no wrong...let the kids lead, they are intuitive creators!!! 7.Pour the (chosen flower color) paint onto a paper plate and have the child place their hand into the paint and carefully place on the pot.  Work your way around the pot by repeating or introducing another child and their hand print. 8.Paint green stems and leaves.  FROSTISIZE with stripes and polka dots! 9. Once dry have the kids write their names, ages and a message to Mom. 10. Fill with soil, plant and tie a big TULLE ribbon (I looped several strands together for a thicker bow). 11. Ta-da!  Get ready for lots of hugs and kisses  xoxoxxoxoxox!!!!!  

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