My Peeps Wreath!

Lisa Frost
Peeps.  Gotta LOVE those sugary little marshmallow birds that are only around this time of year! My peeps (Annabel and Allyson) and I couldn't stop eating them.  Look at all the colors they come in? Ahhh!  Well, you know me, I couldn't resist turning the Peeps into some kind of seasonal and whimsical decoration. Here is what you will need: GG (Glue Gun...Adults only) Some kind of sturdy cardboard base in a circular shape.  I found this industrial cardboard shape in the floral deco section at the craft store. Peeps and Easter Grass ( I like the crinkle kind) Ribbon 1. Glue the peeps on the inside from of the circle 2. Glue the grass around and completely cover the backside 3. Eyeball the length of the ribbon, cut, loop and tie a bow (Hang it up high away from your pets ...and hang it in a cool and dry place.) Ta-DA!!!  You did it.          

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