My thoughts on Pinterest...

Lisa Frost
As a creative person, Pinterest has got me stumped. I love it, don't get me's just a question of how to stay original? Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. However, I feel like each time I come up with a great idea...Pinterest beat me to it. Sometimes my idea is not so original after-all.  Then I get this big dose of FEAR that comes over me each time I create. I put enormous pressure on myself to create something that's never been done. Errrrr. Then, yes, I have little flashes of negative thoughts of...why bother? (When that happens, I quickly remember I am in control of my thoughts and snap to a new thought.) I think back to my teaching days.  I would NEVER tell my students why bother. I would tell them to make it anyway. I would tell them, it will never be quite the same. The most important part is the process of creation. And who knows?  While creating, there may be a way to put a new twist on it. Plus, no one does this just the way you do. No one holds the paintbrush, works the glue-gun, stacks the fruit tray, carves the pumpkin, etc. NO one person has the same signature.  We are all unique. We all have an original story. It is your story. Tell your story. As for Pinterest, I love my boards...they are my story. I don't spend much time looking around. I just continue to tell my story...and I believe that's how I will create something that's never been created before. What's your story? xox lisA  

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