"Oh, what the KALE"...Smoothie

Lisa Frost
photo-100 "Oh, what the KALE"...I decided to jump on the smoothie band wagon! I also decided to dive into this new cookbook "FEAST" written by Sarah Copeland. (Available for sale at Wonderland Books, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon.) photo-103 I really love this girl. She inspires me. She is from my hometown. Her motto, "eat cake & vegetables"...and I like that (especially the cake part)! She is married to a vegetarian, and this is a vegetarian cookbook. It is filled with hearty, buttery, crispy, healthy, fresh and wonderful recipes. She believes in finding and growing the best ingredients. But the thought of a Kale Shake made me gag. Superfood or not. But I pushed through it and found it to be surprisingly delicious. Basically, I took out my blender, and threw in a handful of Kale, a chopped up mango, chopped celery, chopped banana, cup of water, cup of ice, juice of lemon. Combine and puree... Thank you to Sara Copeland. photo-104

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