Quilt a lisA fRosT Banner...what a great idea!

Lisa Frost
I am preparing for Art Scene in April. (Art Scene is a gallery walk of visual artists showcasing their work.) My exhibit of 18 Birch wood paintings is called "Flowers for Her" and it is a tribute to my Mom.I am beyond EXCITED!5x6-3.5inviteIMG_7697photo-108 My best friend, Peggy (an avid quilter) approached me about creating a quilting kit based off of my painting. She told me how much she enjoys creating quilting banners and how much she would like to create one based off my painting. She said they make great home decor items and that there is a feeling of pride that comes from making something from your own hands. (Well, I know all about that!) I dove right in, chose vibrant and beautiful fabrics, created a pattern, and cut out all the shapes.Peg and I carefully worked together making sure every piece fit perfectly together. Peg did all the sewing... and the quilting and developed easy to understand instructions. When she returned with the finished project, It was beyond my expectations. BEAUTIFUL!!! photo-130photo-131photo-128-2photo-129 We have decided that many others would like this project too. So we have created kits that will be for sale at the Art Scene exhibit on April 11 and 12th. Enjoying the journey has been the best part of this project. I can't wait to see how this journey blossoms in your world. xox lisAphoto-137photo-138

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