Senior Night for Boylan Varsity Soccer 2015

Lisa Frost
IMAGE first photo page TOPimageIMAGE first photo page TOP These are the Boylan Senior Varsity Soccer Players- Class of 2015. John C. Maxwell once said, "Your life is like carrying a torch. Your job is to make it as bright and vibrant as possible. And when the time comes, you hand your torch off." These seniors have done just that. They have carried a bright and shiny torch. As we near the end of the school year and the season, the Seniors get ready to hand off their torch. This is their party... imageimage I spearheaded the event with the help of the Underclassmen girls and families. Debbie Videris designed and sent the awesome invitation and arranged all the RSVPs and desserts. And we started out the week by decorating the players lockers at school. The underclassmen girls helped me make the signs... image imageimageimage The girls painted posters and parents decorated the stadium(thank you Kelly Parnello for laminating all the photos)... the girls walked the field proudly with their parents. We played Jefferson and it was a shut-out 7-0. After the game, the team and the families celebrated the girls in the school cafeteria... (HUGE thank you to Jim Norwood for the Big Heads, Paul Johansen and Lynell Campbell for the Photos and Lisa Fiorenza for arranging the flowers.). 10846186_10204544052063309_2390921564055736170_n image image 11187757_10206858085157686_953300629876049252_o image We made a keepsake book with a BEAUTIFUL letter from their parents (HUGE thanks to my friend Dawn Preston and Tracy Krahmer for helping me create it. And Tracy, for help with photos and gifts.), a fun questionnaire about their favorite things, baby photos and awesome team photos(Paul Johansen Photography)... imageimageimageimage We made them a polar fleece tie-blanket with a personalized patch sewn onto the blanket (HUGE thank you to my friend Peggy who did the sewing)...and wrapped them in creative grocery bags! imageimageimage We made a keepsake placemat with a fun team photo and a personal message from all the girls...imageimageimage I asked the players to tell me what Emojii they feel when they are playing soccer...and we turned them into table decorations... imageimage For something fun and artsy...I made them a wooden soccer ball, photo holder for their bedrooms... IMG_9093 IMG_9094imageimage We had a pizza party! (Thank you Paul Heitkamp and Boylan for providing. Thank you parents for the desserts.) But the best part of the night was the speeches the girls had written for one another, and their coaches and families. These girls are extraordinary and special. They have outstanding character. I am certain they all have a bright future!!! What a wonderful night... image 1506043_10204544054303365_7782778145792511388_n

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