Stay Frosty!

Lisa Frost
When I was 14, my best friend was the neighborhood paperboy. We rode the bus to school everyday. He was cool...raced dirt bikes, played the drums and loved the band "Van Halen". He taught me about their music. Subsequently, I fell in love with Van Halen. (I like to think of them as my first band crush. And you gotta love those David Lee Roth pants!) So at any rate, I can remember it was pretty exciting when Van Halen rolled into my hometown in 1984. Reluctantly, my parents allowed me to go to the show. It was a BIG deal. I still have my ticket at a whopping $13.50, face value. It was certainly the highlight of my LIFE back then!!! How ironic, now so many years love of my first band crush has a song called "Stay Frosty". Take a listen. xox lisA

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