The Summer Bucket List Review...

Lisa Frost
At the top of the summer I created a list of things I wanted to do.  I called it my "Summer Bucket List". I didn't want to fall into the trap of arriving at Labor day and asking myself, "hummm, what did I do this summer?" I am so proud, I accomplished some NOT all of my ideas. It was a great point of reference. By creating a Summer Bucket List, I also wanted to inspire you to do the same.  (And, well, if you didn't get to it this summer, perhaps this will be an inspiration for next.) Here is the recap: I made home made ice cream...many times with my NEW Cusinart Ice Cream Maker. My girls LOVED it and helped me pick out flavors and recipes. Never been I got a Illinois state fishing license, a pole and a tackle box and headed out. I couldn't resist painting the tackle box...hahahaha! I picked Strawberries for the first time...and took those strawberries and made a strawberry pie! I ate lots of peaches on my trip to South Carolina. I saddled-up and giddy-uped at The Fantasy Hills Ranch in Delevan WI for a horseback ride. I went for a canoe ride at Rock Cut State Park. The rental is only $10 per hour. Took-in the sights on a weekend whirl through Chicago and I had an adult freeze-pop at the terrace of the Trump Tower Chicago. The positioning of the terrace focused on some of Chicago's architectural marvels. I took a historical walking tour through Charleston, South Carolina with Tommy Dew and a movie producer guided tour of scenes from my favorite movie "the Notebook"...also in Charleston! I painted two Sunflower pieces this summer.  Hope and Love. The Hope piece was donated to a charitable foundation called "Hope for Haiti" and all proceeds directed toward building homes and providing food for the poor. And Love... I thought about doing the Charleston while in Charleston, South Carolina... But then I learned the dance has been more recently renamed "the Sponge Bob" who better to dance with than SpongeBob and Patrick??? I didn't learn how to drive the RV or take an RV adventure, but I did spot the Weiner Mobile.  I thought it much more fun to go for a ride in this bad-boy! I planted a garden with 10 Heirloom Tomato plants... And hosted a Tomato Tasting Party... I rode a Ferris Wheel... I cleaned out my basement and held a garage sale... But the BEST part of the summer was spending it with my girls!!! I love them so much and I think they liked creating the Summer Bucket list too (even if they'll never admit it-hahahaha). Now...I'm looking forward to the autumn season, but seriously, no time for a bucket list-hahaha! xox lisA    

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