Annabel's Fashion Tip

Lisa Frost
Meet Annabel. She is a student at Columbia College in Chicago.  Her major is Fashion Business. She is brilliant...and talented! She has also been an intern at lisA fRosT studio for four years. I asked Annabel to give us some fashion tips... she said, "Let's do it!"... Annabel says, everything old is new again, of course with a new twist. Here are some tips: 1. Draping will make you look skinny 2. Ice cream and rainbow colors are back 3 . A-line skirts are playful 4. Think vintage and texture Want to look skinny, fashionable and feel good at the same time?  Try  a draping Cowl Neck Tank. This style has a Grecian influence. (Oooo, channel your inner greek goddess!) It is very flattering. Color?  Think ice cream ,sherbet, and rainbow...with a vintage twist. (That makes it modern.) Pair a strawberry Cowl Neck Tank  with vintage off white and muted rainbow skirt. An A-line skirt is therefore very "frosty". Try vintage inspired shoes.  Annabel says, "think texture". Thank you Annabel. I feel good and I'm ready-to-go out for ice cream...wanna come?  I'll treat! xox lisA Want this look?  Visit  

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