Best Friend Rockie and Ceaser

Lisa Frost
National Best Friend Day was this past week, on June 7th.  I'd like to introduce you to our BFF's...Rockie and CC. This is Rockie Rose.  She is a Shiba Inu.  She is almost one year old. She looks like a fox. She is affectionate, spunky, and full of life! This is Ceaser.  We like to call him "CC" because he is as cool as a cucumber. He is a Chow-Chow and Shepard Mix.  He is Eleven. These loyal friends have added so much joy to ALL of our lives! In honor of BFF Day, we'd love to hear about your furry BFF...Enter to win a FROSTY FLAG (banner shown here on the door)...tell us more and send us pictures of your pet on our Facebook page. Winner will be randomly chosen from the entries. Can't wait to meet your BFF! xox lisA    

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