Artist Tips for cute... Garage Sale Signs

Lisa Frost
I believe attractive signs will bring more shoppers to your Garage Sale. 1. Purchase  the board. The best material is corrugated plastic sheets....because it is sturdy and wind resistance.  It will hold up in the rain.  Or if you have nice weather just get a few sheets of brightly colored poster board (neon pink is my fave because it is so eye-catching, but other bright colors will work...yellow, orange, etc). 2. Prepare. Fold poster-board in half. Spread out newspapers. Have a paper towel handy. Gather paint, artist paintbrush (round brush, large stroke), paper plate. 3.For the lettering, I recommend using black acrylic craft paint.  Sketch out your letters first. Paint large BLOCK letters. Here is the info you will need on your sign: a. Garage Sale b. Address c.Days and Times d. If you have room...add directional arrows...or a little sunshine (you know me, I couldn't resist!) 4.Let dry. Paint both sides. 5.Attach to stake. I recommend using the staple gun. Staple the sign to a study wooden garden stake. 6.Head-out to place signs....make sure you bring a hammer, tape, stapler, and  a big black marker.You may need to make on-site adjustments. Bring a jug of water if the ground is dry.  That will help drive the stake in. 7. You can even take it a step further and embellish your signs with balloons or tinsel. Have a great sale! xox lisA  

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