City Sidewalks dressed in FROSTY style

Lisa Frost
Once again I was asked to paint the town. The mission: "To paint the windows for all the city to enjoy at our Convention and Visitors Bureau in downtown Rockford". IMG_7262 The Frostettes and I braved the cold day (Nov 22 and 23rd). Our paint would literally freeze on our palettes and to help us get by we used hand warmers stuffed in our gloves and boots. We painted the outside of the windows because the mirrored black nature of the windows did not reflect painting on the inside. Plus, I can only imagine the messy clean-up. We used my design of the "We Belong in Rockford, Illinois" mug as our inspiration. I encouraged the Frostettes to paint messages and little signature motifs within the mural. Hummm...can you find them? In my opinion the most special thing about this mural...was creating it. Just like it says, "Cherish the Moments". Spending a couple days doing what I love, with talented girls, in the freezing cold, for the greater good...cherished moments. IMG_4590href="">IMG_7248IMG_7251IMG_7255IMG_7257IMG_7258IMG_72621454708_10202042880609737_490130832_n993454_10202042887089899_598306345_n1450265_10202042871329505_1977754202_n1424407_10202042873009547_869487416_n1424353_10202042886849893_821870470_n1424324_10202042880929745_1078323465_nIMG_7246

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