I'm so excited and I just can't hide it...

Lisa Frost
SR1_2978 Frost & Friends is this weekend. I'm sorry I haven't posted this week but we are in full blown Santa's workshop around here. If you are local, I hope you can come to the Clock Tower Resort Friday or Saturday. If not, I will post pics and treasures on the website shortly thereafter. I am truly humbled by the support of my community. 13 years ago, I really, really wanted to help kids and here we are all these years and 70 scholarships! It still blows my mind that we have started a tradition for so many, including my own family and group of friends. And oh my friends...they do so much hard work. Truly everyone I know takes a piece of this event. It takes ALL of us to get Santa off the ground. hee hee! Tonight on my Facebook page I laughed and cried with so many fans who posted their favorite holiday memories. I feel lucky to be a little tiny part of that. My mission has always been... "to spread cheer throughout the LAND!"...let's do this! xox lisA

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