Frost Watch...Fall Fashion

Lisa Frost
I love fashion.  To me, it is wearable art, an extension of ones personality. Fashion dictates and influences so much in many industries.  I feel it is not only fun to follow, but it is important to pay attention to what is happening in the fashion world because the colors, textures, patterns, moods, etc. are what our trends will be in the future. It is forecasting. Here is a look at some of my sketches from my catalogs...of what we will see in the stores this Fall. If we know what pieces to look for, we can start thinking about our own look. How will you mix-it-up? How will you interpret? And in the end you will put your big smile on...and make it your own, I love that! (My favorite  color is Oxblood. My  favorite elements are the brightly colored tights...I LOVE them!!!) xox lisA

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