Gone Fishing...

Lisa Frost
Last summer I paid a visit to my cousin Vito in Williams Bay, WI.  Vito loves to fish.  This sign was posted on his fence. He is quite the comedian. I thought to myself..."hummm, I have never been fishing.  This is something I need to experience." It's funny, when you open your eyes, mind and heart there is so much opportunity that surrounds each one of us.  I just took the first step. So I attached it to my 2012 Summertime Goals List (see below). The first thing I did was I went out and got my fishing license.  $15 in the state of Illinois. For my birthday, my family gave me a fishing pole. Then I went to Pierce Lake and watched the fisherman. It is a lovely thing. It is a quest. Boy, ask any fisherman about fishing and OOOOOOWIE they will tell you a lot about it. Pure passion. Babe Winkelman would be proud that I have taken the initiative to learn how to fish...now I just need to catch something! My daughter Libbie is learning too! So you know me...in an effort to really embrace the sport, I "frostisized" my tackle box. Now, I am ready to catch some fish! What is something you would like to try that you have never done before? Go get it! xox lisA

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