Frost Yourself this Fourth of July!

Lisa Frost
photo-196 Do you have a pair of old jeans? Well...cut them into shorts and then tatter them, pattern them and fringe them UP! Re-purposed and FROSTY! 1. Find a partner to work with... 2. Put the jeans on... 3. Have your partner mark with a pen and a series of dots around the leg of where you want the length of your shorts. According to my friend and #1 seamstress Peggy...pants are a very tricky thing to guesstimate because everyone has a different bottom shape. Makes sense. 4. Check your work and with a measuring tape. Check the accuracy of each leg. (We had to learn the hard daughter Maddie just started cutting and YIKES!!!) 5. Cut. Fringe by running the blade of the scissor along the cut line, back and forth, like you're shredding cheese. Pick and pull with your fingers. 6. Next, we positioned and planned-out alternating fabrics and the lace in small detail spots. 7. Sew pieces in place. (Thanks Peggy!) Mom always said, "Everyone looks at your hands". Well if that's the case...FROSTY them with red white and blue nail polish. I did a NO-Chip manicure in alternating colors of Red, White and Blue. photo-195 FROST FLAGS UP? I hope so... photo-197

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