Frosty Summer Slush Cocktail

Lisa Frost
IMG_8348 A grown-up slushy...what could be better than that? My MIL, Louise Frost gave me this recipe she had written down on a napkin from a party she had attended years ago. It's a keeper, trust me!!! It tastes so good and refreshing...beware of drinking too much! IMG_8341 ***Make the day ahead. You will need: 8 cups of water 2 cups of sugar 12 oz can of frozen raspberry lemonade 12 oz can of frozen Orange Juice with NO PULP 2 cups of Brandy ...a few cans of 7-up Directions: Bring water and sugar to boil and let cool to room temperature Combine water sugar mix with the frozen lemonade, Orange Juice and Brandy. Mix well. (I added a few drops of food coloring to punch-up the red color). I divided it up into 2 64 oz freezer safe containers. Put in the freezer overnight. I scooped it out with an ice cream scooper and place in a glass. Next, I added a few splashes of 7-up. Ta-da! IMG_8346

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