Heirloom Tomato Tasting... from the Frosty Garden

Lisa Frost
Some of my heirloom tomato plants have ripened.  I planted ten varieties this year! It's funny, some of the heirlooms are gorgeous to look at while others are snarled and gnarly...but one thing is certain they taste AMAZZZZING...like no other! I have a raised garden bed. I purchased my plants at Rock Valley Greenhouse. I have watered my tomatoes, babied them, and waited for them.  They have been standing like dutiful soldiers in the sun. For some of them, the light has gone red.  I invited my family over for an informal "tasting party".  I just put out my fancy pink Himalayan Sea Salt and cut up some fresh basil. See the reactions below. Salute! lisA   Plentiful. Tougher skin.  Flavorful. Big robust flavor with a hint of tartness. AMAZZZING.  My Maddie tagged this one as her "fave".  I loved the way it looks when cut, almost a white patterned sunburst running through it. Beautiful flavor but the gang thought it need to ripen a bit more. The Yellow Pear is cute.  It is sweeter and mild.  Perfect for a salad.  Parks Whopper.  Nice taste. Conservative. Delightful. Early Girl, Karl's Favorite.  Fruity. Sour. Lighter. A hint of tartness. Purple Rain, hands-down the favorite. The WINNER!!! Dad loved it.  Juicy. Big Flavor. Distinctive. Perfect.

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