Keep on Rockin' in a Frosty World!

Lisa Frost
Collaboration is cool. This is my friend, Joelene Chinn.  She is the talented owner of Socks-That-Rock Inc. We live in the Rockford, Illinois area. Just in case you didn't know, Rockford is the home of the Sock Monkey.   Joelene and I have been working on an idea of creating a Sock Doll since this past Spring. Joelene said she became inspired to work with me after she created this Dr. Seuss inspired Sock Doll. Since then we have become fast friends...she has an amazzzzing spirit! We thought it would be a great idea to collaborate! My develop and design the doll.  Joelene's bring it to LIFE! I came up with a sketch.  I like the name, "Frosty the Sock Man"...kind of like "Frosty The Snow Man" but different...hahahaha! I painted all of my patterns. Those drawings became digital files. Joelene described which parts of the sock were used for which parts of the doll. I made a sketch of the socks. Right now I am working with the manufacturer to have the socks produced. Once the socks arrive Joelene will start making the dolls. I can't wait! The limited dolls and socks are going to be featured and SOLD exclusively at Frost & Friends 2012! Joelene will be at Rockford's City Market tonight...stop by and say hi! Have a great weekend! xox lisA        

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