His & Hers Chair Covers

Lisa Frost
Here is a new way to assign seats in your home.  Hand painted chair covers! Or maybe it's your favorite couple... Fred & Ginger, Allie and Noah, Barbie and Ken?   After all, I LOVE going into a home and being able to feel the personality of the home owner. This is perfect. (Oh boy, this would ALSO make a great wedding gift, anniversary gift or for a birthday honoree!) Let's get started:   I used a painters drop cloth that I picked up at the hardware store.  I cut it to size, sketched out my figures, and applied a coat of white primer and allowed it to dry.   Next, the characters were painted on the front and backside!   I had loosely stapled the thick fabric together while painting. Once dry, I asked my friend Peggy to stitch them up the sides.  Since the drop cloth was so thick, she used a Denim needle.   I just love the way they turned out!  

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