Soda Pop Cake

Lisa Frost
There is a reincarnated world of soda pop.  Unique flavors, grown-up tastes, and (sometimes)lower sugars.  My grocery has a whole section of soda pop with flavors like grapefruit, black cherry, cucumber,hibiscus.  I bought a 4-pack on sale for $2.79. I remember my Mom used to make the Coca-Cola and 7-up cake.  So I figured I'd give the soda craze a try by mixing soda pop in with a box cake mix. When the recipe called for water, I replaced it with Soda pop.  Next, I am going to try mixing pop into my salad dressing recipe...and maybe  my BBQ sauce?   I used a Lemon box cake and Orange soda pop....ummmm delish! For this cake, I mixed Black Cherry soda pop with a chocolate box mix.  This taste was more subtle.  Hummm, what should I try next??? Enjoy! xox lisA  

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