Wine Cork Memo Frame

Lisa Frost
Discovering wine is an art.  Like a fine art painting or beautifully composed piece of offers something for many of the senses. My love for wine started before I could taste.  As a child, I watched my Dad grow grapes and  make wine in the basement. He was so passionate about it...and you know how enthusiasm is contagious? My first trip to California was to Napa Valley.  Over the years, I have saved my wine corks because I remember the bottle, the laughter and good times with friends and family...and plain and simple, I am a crafty girl.  If you do not drink and collect wine...ask you favorite restaurant to save their corks for you.  I'm sure they be delighted! Here is a fun DIY Project...while taking a trip down memory lane rounding up all those wine corks. A Wine Cork Memo Board in a Picture Frame! 1. The first thing I did was to gather 50 corks for my 8x10" space.  You will notice that all corks are not created equal...some shorter, taller, etc. and it's a good idea to have a few extra. 2. Find an old or new picture frame.  Remove the glass and photo.  This one I used has an 8x10"opening...and a sturdy easel back which will be perfect for my kitchen counter. 3. ARRANGE.  Start to place the corks inside of the frame and arrange in a collage like way.  "Oh, this group looks good here and next i will turn a few"  So on and so forth until complete. 4. Plug in the HOT GG and work in sections to glue them into the base 5. Occasionally, I found myself in a jam whereas I needed to shorten a cork, or take a little off the side of the cork.  I just used my hand saw to trim them up. 6. Instantly ready to be used, I gathered up some push pins and tacked up some notes! The whole project took me about 15 minutes.  

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