Kids Art Wall Decor

Lisa Frost
                      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the school projects and artwork the kids have brought home at the end of the school year....BUT what do I do with all of it??? Oh, wait, I have an idea!  You can do it too. Let's make a laminated wall decor piece with binder rings and ribbon.  SUPER EASY and classy-classy!!! It's a  great way to preserve memories, document the school year, and showcase your child's beautiful art. Look at the picture.  I hung my daughter's piece right next to her desk.  She said she likes it! (I do too... and you know I will hold it close to my heart for many years to come. And who knows?  It may show up at a graduation party in the future!) Here is what I used:
  • My kids artwork and I made a little name plate at the top with pen and construction paper ( I even wrote a message...I am so proud of you , I LOVE you. xox MOM). Get creative...add pictures, writings, etc.
  • Scrapbook paper in patterns for the backside (optional)...or that perfect spelling test with the GOLD STAR...OOooo!
  • Office supply binder rings ( $6.99 for a whole huge thingy of them at Office Max.)
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • A yard of satin ribbon
  • Laminator (I went to Fedex Kinkos and laminated each piece (I paid around $12 for all).
  Okay..are you ready?  Let's get Frosty:
  1. Arrange the artwork in a vertical fashion...small at the top and larger at the bottom.
  2. Make a name piece for the header (see photo).
  3. Have the pieces laminated and trim them with scissors so that they are uniform on all sides.
  4. Measure 2" from each side and 1/2" down and punch a hole. (For middle piece, both top and bottom will need to be hole punched.)
  5. Use the binder rings and attach the pieces together.
  6. Use the satin ribbon as a hanger at the top.
  7. did it!!!  Now display it with PRIDE.

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