Let's make it a Frosty Father's Day!

Lisa Frost
June 9, 2011 was an EXCITING day.  It was supposed to be the debut of my new morning segment on the  local CBS station WIFR..."Let's Get Frosty".  But Mother Nature had other plans.  Instead of running the show from my studio live from 5-7am, the news team and crew were busily reporting the news of the day and the radar storm warnings.  Once the skies cleared, the TV crew came back and we taped the segments to run later.  Aaron Wilson from WIFR is a gem, he put forth a ton of effort to make our Frosty segment happen.  So although it didn't run exactly as planned, we figured a way to make it work, it was a learning experience, and I am always sooooo appreciative to be able to share what I LOVE to do! Are you ready??? Let's get FROSTY! I have easy and low cost ways to put that extra special "wow" into your life.  And when you put a little more "you" into the daily grind, the things you do, the gifts you give...it becomes more meaningful.  My job is to inspire you to do just that.  Are you ready to "get Frosty"?  Here we go... Decorating for the holiday is as easy as remembering these three letters D-T-T  which stands for DOOR, TABLETOP, TREAT. For the door, we made a laminated door decor piece with photos of Dad and binder rings.  For the Table; we made a flag garland of ties, a duct tape centerpiece, car matt placemats,and personalized beer mugs.  For the Treat, we ventured into a strange but delicious recipe of Maple Bacon Cupcakes..from Taste of Home - http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Community/Maple-Bacon-Cupcakes We also made some easy gifts for Dad... a car wash bucket with a Duct Tape message, a personalized 6 pack painted with chalkboard paint, a grilling apron-hat-bags of tools and grill cover, and a personalized "DAD" photo frame. My friend Peggy Giannangeli and I designed a little girls dress from dad's dress shirt. I also had a funny personal gift.  My hubby has a tendency to store sentimental things in the basement.  In fact he has saved the seats from his 1989 Volkswagon Jetta.  This is good news for me!  If he can't get rid of those car seats...most likely he won't get rid of me.   So I figured out a way to put the seat on wheels and make it into a throne for Dad's day.  Maybe this time, I can roll it out to the curb for good! Good luck with your Father's Day preparations.  Let me know how it goes!                            

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