Let it go...My Morning Sketch

Lisa Frost
Today's morning sketch is a little bit of feeling, a little bit of Libbie, a little bit of jelly fish, and a little bit of Matisse. My message: Let it go. I believe we all hold anxieties within ourselves that get stuck in our heads. Sometimes they are on constant repeat mode. I have found it helpful to "catch yourself". When I am having a stressful thought, an insecure thought, a negative thought...I "catch myself" and then I remember this...LET IT GO. Just like this jelly fish...beautiful floating creature just doing his thing. Observing nature helps to quiet the mind. We are all beautiful creatures...and it's okay to stop trying so hard and just BE. You are loved. Earlier this week I took my daughter, Libbie on an "Artist Date" to the pet store. She loves animals. We saw the most beautiful jelly fish... photo-117 Later that day, I had a vision of this Matisse painting... photo-116 I was in complete appreciation for nature and the beautiful effect it had on me and my little girl. I asked her to pose for me.... photo-115 And then I prayed that the message would write itself for my Morning Sketch today... 1743592_10152365552604101_1744463950_n

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