March 05, 2013 • 0 response

Here is an easy project you can create on your own to bring in some St. Patrick's Day cheer! 1. I went to the hardware store and I picked out a 2x4" and had them cut it into 6 4" blocks... 2. I primed them with Kilz primer and let them dry... 3. I painted each block individually in an assortment of greens... 4. I used a black liner brush and I painted a block letter style, free hand on each block... 5. I filled in the letter with white to create contrast and then gave each one personality by adding patterns to the side and tops of each piece. Once dry, I coated with a clear varnish. 6. Ta-da!  Now my Lucky blocks are ready to be displayed with the rest of my St. Patricks Day decorations.

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