WE Belong...

Lisa Frost
Forbes recently ranked Rockford, Illinois as the third most miserable city to live in. I completely disagree. Therefore, I have taken action and done what I do best. I used my greatest asset. My SPIRIT! I created a design with my flowing lines and vibrant colors that highlights some of Rockford's attributes on a functional coffee mug.  But more than the design, it sends a message of community. "We belong." A community that will not listen to the nay-sayers, mis-informed, and negative Nancy's.  We will raise our cup and fill it with possibility and confidence...knowing that we belong to something extraordinary. We've been working-and working- and working on our city and we are ready to explode with goodness. And watch our Mr. Forbes...by 2025...we will be top 25! DEAL. Yours, lisA

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