Mini- Me...a Photo Idea

Lisa Frost
Do you have boxes of old photos? Perhaps, one of yourself as a child? Your Mom? Your Grandmother? Do people often say, "You look so much like your Mom"? Or does your child look so much like you? Well, hold the horses back...I have an idea for you. A side-by-side photo of the past and present is a great potential gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or for your own scrapbook. Thankfully technology is at our can be easily done. 1. Study the vintage photo and decide how you will recreate the scene? 2. Decide what props and locations would be best to shoot the photo. 3. Take a bunch of photos, try different lighting and angles. (This will give you many options when you are trying to match it to your vintage photo.) 4. Scan or shoot a photo of your vintage shot...get it into digital form. 5. Arrange the vintage photo next-to the modern day photo while trying to recreate the scene. (I used I-photo) The top photo is of me when I was eleven years old. (As I was sorting through old pics and glanced at it , I was certain it was my eleven year old daughter Libbie.) At any rate, I thought it would be a creative idea to have her sit at the piano and reenact history. I am not a photographer but I LOVE taking pictures. And I'm okay with being vintage...really, I am? I hope this idea inspires you!!!

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