Today's outfit? I will dress like my painting...

Lisa Frost
I am a free spirit...and when it comes to clothes and shoes I am true to my soul. I definitely like to mix-it-up with color. I believe it should be fun to get dressed in the morning. For me, it kind of feels like painting but in a different way! (I'm sure I am just steps away from a fashion faux-pas...but I am willing to take the risk.) Today I chose solid complimentary colors plum (purple) and mustard (yellow). I added a splash of whimsy with hot pink tights, a cherry red belt and cowboy boots. The dress and sweater are solid in color but they have different textures which is a great way to mix-it-up. The boots are the only thing with a floral pattern...and I think that makes it happy! Dress and sweater from anthropologie Tights from Spanx Boots from Dan Post Boots

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