My New Year Wish Tree

Lisa Frost
1469905_10152204056504101_2109466960_n I hosted some friends and family on New Year's Eve. Earlier that day, I asked my Dad what he remembers from his youth about New Year's Eve. And he said he remembered putting out fresh fruit as a symbol of good things to come in the new year. So.... in Dad's spirit, I filled a vase with oranges and sticks. (Then I added my own twist.) I wanted to create something that I would like to experience. I painted 14 white envelops red, wrote tiny messages in each one, and filled them with money ( 1's, 5's 10's and 20's). I tied them to the tree. As guests arrived, I asked them to pick an envelope off the wish tree. It was so exciting each time they did, the faces were priceless as they revealed their treasure. Everyone was hoping for the big money!!! I am so excited about our new tradition. Happy New Year, may fortune be yours. IMG_7618 IMG_7615

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