Memory Stone

Lisa Frost
IMG_7623IMG_7624 My oldest daughter, Maddie is a high-school swimmer. So I know first-hand that the swim team is a close group of folks. The coaches, kids and other parents become part of your family. So I was very saddened to receive a message and request this week to create a piece for a swim coach from our community, Coach Gyorkos that had passed. I did not know him but I could feel the pain of this tremendous loss. In fact, the swim mom that called me could hardly speak without her voice breaking-down to tears. She asked me if I could paint a stone on behalf of the swim and dive team to the family of the coach. I don't typically paint on stones but I would NEVER turn down the request to honor a person that has passed. I would figure it out. She dropped off the stone and I gathered up concrete specific paint. I sat down to paint. I felt compelled to paint water. In my mind I could see a sunset, lake and an oak tree. That is what my heart told me to paint. The team asked me to paint a special message (see below). I hope this piece will end up in his favorite spot and provide his family with a sentiment of how much he was loved. My heart feels very honored to have been asked to be included in this memorial. IMG_7626

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